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How is a team's form calculated?

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When calculating a team's form the last 5 games are considered. From these we calculate the total form. Home form and away form is calculated from the last 5 home and away games.

The formula is:

  • home win: 3 points
  • home draw: 1 point
  • away win: 4 points
  • away draw: 2 points


These points are multiplied depending on the order of the game. For example, in case of the latest game it is multiplied by 5, in case of the game before it's multiplied by 4 and so on, until we reach 1 as the multiplier.

These 3 numbers represent the team's latest performance.

What is the form difference?

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Form difference appears when you compare two teams.

Form difference is represented by two numbers: (home team's homeform - away team's away form) and the difference between the total forms. From these two numbers you can estimate the outcome of the next game between the two teams.

If both numbers are positive and greater than 10, home team is more likely to win. If both numbers are negative and less than -5, then away team is more likely to win. In other cases the outcome can't really be predicted based on these numbers.

The site automatically highlights these numbers with green or red, if they are more than 10 or less than -10 in the Form difference box, and gives you a simple prediction.

Which bookmaker's odds are shown?

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The odds near all matches are average odds calculated from five recommended bookmakers:

  • Sportingbet
  • Gamebookers
  • bwin
  • Expekt
  • Bet365


These odds may not be actual as they change many times every day with the bookmaker's offer.

Draws in hockey/basketball?

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At some bookmakers you can bet on draws in icehockey and basketball. In these cases overtimes are not considered.

In our tables draws are calculated on regular time results, and overtime results are in a different field.

In basketball we chose not to include draws in our tables as they are not frequent.

I've found a bug. Where can I report it?

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You can use our Contact page, located on the bottom of the page. Fill the form with as much details as you can, and send it. We'll try to respond or post a note in the Changelog.

You can also suggest new features this way. We'll try to create new features, if it is possible based on our data.