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Notice: Affiliate managers contacting us about your offers should first check if they're not already advertised on this site AND keep in mind that we pick the programs we work with after some research. We only advertise sportsbooks on this site, DON'T contact us if you want to promote a casino here. We don't care about the standard marketing speech, that online casinos and poker works well on sports related sites. Our experience is different about this.
We don't reply to e-mails if we're not interested in your offer, there's no need to resend your e-mails or subscribe ANY of these addresses to your mailing list. If you do, you'll probably blow all your chances of working with us.

The same goes for link exchange requests: if we're not interested, we don't reply. DON'T resend your request. We don't do front-page link exchanges with small sites.

You can contact us on the following e-mail addresses.

Webmester: webmaster at sportfogadas dot org

Milan: milan at sportfogadas dot org

vmlinuz: vmlinuz at sportfogadas dot org